Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doctor Patient Relationship Dilema

So it's an awful situation for a nurse to a surgeon admits a teen who had an appy a few months ago.. turns out she has an ovarian cyst.. GYN is consulted and wants to wait to treat.. the surgeon comes by in the early afternoon and sees the girl is in pain..instead of giving more pain med and waiting, he whisks her off to the OR and ends up removing her ovary..
The next morning GYN is upset that the ovary was not saved and says she will probably have trouble in the future getting pregnant because of the way the surgery was done..
The Family thinks the surgeon is the hero because the pain is gone..and won't talk with gyn in the morning... I know that the surgeon made a bad decision but the patient probably wont realize it until 10-15 years from now..
What would you all do?

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